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Stick Figures and Drawing Pad

Well I have run into a little problem in regards to my final project. Unfortunately and despite their efforts, the tech department at our school has run into some difficulties and as a result the iPads are not ready for my grade 4 classes.   I am hoping to get them soon, but at this point I don’t know if I can get them in time to complete my project.   Instead of dwelling on the negative, I am going to push forward and complete my project as best I can.  Once I have examples of student work I will post them as soon as I can.

Now moving forward.  To start my project on Stick Figures in Motion I have the students come in to the art room and I show the some examples of figure drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo.  This usually unnerves them a bit, but then I explain that anybody can easily draw the figure.  I then proceed to draw an example of a stick figure on the whiteboard.  I then go through the proportions of one and have them just try to draw a couple of examples.   Next, I have them take out their iPads and open an app called Drawing Pad.  I give them a quick overview of how it works.

I then break them into groups of three and assign each person to “discover” a section of the app.  After about 10 minutes they are to get back into their groups and share what they have learned.  Once each person has shared their area I have them play with the app drawing stick figures for about 10 more minutes. The app is very simple to learn and very intuitive.

Once they get the idea of how to use Drawing Pad, I have them sit around a table and draw their friends in different poses.  The poses range from pretending to hit a baseball, to posing as a model, going for a walk, to falling asleep or doing the splits.   After a few poses the kids are clamoring to pose in front of their friends.  They have a great time doing and often will come up with their own great poses.

Each of these poses they draw is designed in a way that it can be put into a series of 3 poses related to the original pose.  For example, the first pose could be a person standing up and holding a shoe.  The next they are sitting down and putting on their shoes.  The last pose will see the figure standing and walking away.

Now I realize that using Drawing Pad just replaces a pencil and paper with tech, but the idea is for the students to start getting comfortable with an iPad and Pen.  Later on in the project technology will enhance the students learning as oppose with just replacing the old with the new.

For the next step of this project the students are to choose a pose that they can turn into 3 core poses.  They can either use a pose they drew in class or choose one on their own.  They just need to be ready to go by the next class.

I will go over the next section of the project in my next posting.  Hopefully I will have the iPads by then so I can move forward.  If you have any ideas or comments so far on this project just let me know.