The Little House

It has been a while since I have posted anything.  My apologies for that.  After my course was finished, my family and I went to Turkey and Denmark over the winter vacation. Great places to visit in the winter time.  No crowds, great people, fantastic food and wonderful sites to see.  My only complaint is that I wish we had had more time as you never get to do all that you want to do.

For my first posting of the new year I have gone away form tech a little to post one of my favorite projects that I like to do with grade 1.  It is based on the book The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton.  It is a great book that I read as a child.  Read over the lesson plan and see what you think.  The example that is shown is done by my assistant.  I will post some of the student work as soon as we get something done.  If you decide to try it out let me know and maybe we could do a share and critique using Voice Thread or Skype.

Essential Questions:

What kinds of shapes do artists use in their artwork?

How do we as artists see shapes in the world around us?

How do we as artists decide what shapes to use in our artwork?


  • Detail in the natural and constructed environments.
  • ​Shape.
  • ​How to organize their ideas into visual expressions, using the processes and materials of visual art.


  • ​Many objects, lines, colors, shapes, textures, forms and patterns are in the environment.
  • ​Many different shapes.
  • ​How to make basic decisions about their artwork.

  • Drawing from memory.
  • Using scissors for cutting out shapes.
  • Creating images using cut out shapes.
  • Making basic decisions about their image.
Strategies / Activities1) Read the story THE LITTLE HOUSE by Virginia Lee Burton to the students.  When finished, discuss the book asking them to explain what it was about.  Then ask the students to talk about their favorite aspects of the book.  Pass out a sheet of paper and have the students simply draw their favorite part of the story.

2) Next, show some illustrations from the book.  Ask the students to tell me what shapes they see within some of the buildings.  Make a list with the class.  Then with the class construct the little house using only shapes.  Have the class practice drawing the little house and other buildings by using simple shapes.

3) Pass out sheets of 12*18 Bond paper to each of the students.  Using big brushes, have the students paint the entire sheet of paper in one color.  Use primary and secondary colors.  Make sure many sheets of each color are painted.  To simplify things it might be easier to assign each table a color and have them paint that.

4) Explain to the class that they are gong to create there own image of a building using cut out shapes glued to a piece of paper.  Their images can be based on one of the drawings they have already created.  Pass out a sheet of 12*18 black paper for them to use as a background.  Ask them to cut out all of their shapes first and lay them on their paper to see what it will look like.  Once all the shapes have been cut and laid out, they may glue their final image to the paper.

5) Display and critique (if there is time) when the paintings are finished.

EQUIPMENT AND MATERIALS:Pencil, eraser, scissors, glue, Bond paper, brushes, water buckets, and tempera paint


Book The Little House by Virginia Lee Burton and various works of art depicting buildings.



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