Anchor Poses

Things have been going very smoothly with the Stick Figures in Motion project the last couple of weeks.  My students in Grade 4 have been working on creating anchor poses for their animations the last 2 classes.

As I said in my last post, the students spent a class photographing 3 poses that related to a specific action with their iPads.  Once the photos were taken, the students opened them up using the app Drawing Pad.  They then selected a drawing tool and drew a stick figure directly on top of their photos.  They each had to do this with 3 different actions and 9 poses in total.  An interesting thing that the students discovered taking their photographs was that that if they took a picture with the iPad in a horizontal position, then when the picture was opened up in in Drawing Pad it made them all look like dwarves.

The reason I had the students draw stick figures on the photos of themselves was that I wanted them to see how a stick figure looked when it was properly proportioned and positioned.  Often they make their figures a little distorted because they forget certain body parts or how something should look.  This is a great way of showing the students how things should look.

The next class the students had to take the 3 poses they had drawn on the pictures and put them together on a digital page in drawing pad.  I had them do this to see the relationship between each of the figures in each of their poses.  Often the students would have a figure posed bending over and the next figure beside it standing up but being smaller the the first figure.  If the students are to create a successful animation the figures have to relate to each other in size, position, and proportion.

The students had difficulty doing this.  I would check their work often and have them go back and work out the problems in their poses.  At times they needed a lot of perseverance, but in the end they were able to do it and understood the importance of this lesson.

The next class we start learning the app Flipboom and learning how to create a simple animation.  Next time on my blog, I will be posting my finished unit plan and resources.  Please feel free to use them and PLEASE modify things to your own needs.  Let me know how things go as I am very interested on how it works for you.


One response to “Anchor Poses

  1. I never would have thought of those challenges in keeping the proportions correct, but after reading your post, it’s so obvious. What a great strategy to have them draw over their pictures to keep things properly sized.

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