Stick figures in Motion – What They Used to Look Like

Moving forward can be a very good thing.  Often we can get stuck with what we are comfortable in doing.  It can take a concerted effort to move forward, modify or totally change a unit of instruction.  The images above are examples of how my Stick Figures in Motion project used to look like before I moved that unit forward to have more of a tech emphasis to it.

Parts of the unit has remain unchanged and other parts have moved forward in the hopes of improving this project.  What has stayed the same is the focus on the human figure, its proportions, the use of line and drawing from different points of view.  What has changed is the use of technology to allow a clearer idea of how the body works in motion through digital animation and the ability to share one’s work with a wider audience.

By using the digital animation, the students can fill in all of the little movements between their 3 major poses without having to do a myriad of drawings.  That in itself could be very interesting, but that takes time and space; both of which I do not have a lot of right now.  Also, the simple fact that the students can share their work beyond the walls of their classroom is huge.  Sharing, getting new ideas, and seeing different perspectives allows for a lot of new learning opportunities.  With new learning comes growth and new opportunities.

My hope is that by taking an existing unit I can move it forward so that the learning that happens has a better impact on the students and that they have a clearer understanding of how line, figures, proportion and movement can be expressed art.  It will be very interesting to get their feedback on this when we are all finished this project.

Lastly, don’t forget if you would like to contribute in anyway to making this project even better, just send me your ideas.  Remember two heads are better than one.


One response to “Stick figures in Motion – What They Used to Look Like

  1. Love that you are going to retain aspects of the unit that work and that are important. We don’t want to “throw the baby out with the bath water”. I can’t wait to see some finished products!

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