Disguising a Ceramic Slab Box

The more reading I do about flipped/reverse classrooms the more I think it is applicable to some of the things I do in my elementary art classes.  As I have said before in some of my postings is that I just don’t have a lot of time with my students.  Finding more time is always a challenge.  However, using the ideas of a flipped classroom can actually gain more classroom time for the students and I.  With this ceramics unit I am trying to incorporate it and see how things go.

Having the students go home and watch videos on different art techniques saves me a lot of time.  Depending on the technique I need to show how to do in class, I could be spending anywhere from 10 to 25 minutes demonstrating.  That is a lot of time taken away from the students in a 1 hour class.  If the students watch the videos at home, they can come to their next art class and get to work almost right away.  This gives them more time to practise and learn the technique needed for the project and allows me to give each students more individualized time.  If they have more time, then the quality of work should go up as well.

In the past the finished boxes have always gotten a terrific response from other students, faculty and parents.  However, the students really have not heard this feedback.  In a response to this I have already talked to one of our great high school art teachers to see if she would like to do the exact same project as me with her ceramics students.  My idea is to create a flattened classroom where my 4th graders would share their finished work with the high school students and they would do the same with my 4th graders.  We would use VoiceThread to facilitate the communication between the 2 groups.

The more opportunities that students have to share their work will only make them stronger talking about their art and listening to what others have to say about it.  In the end this only helps them become stronger and more confident artists.

If this is successful I would like to go further a field.  If anybody reading this blog posting would like to join us in this exercise or knows of anybody who may be interested just email at cknudsen@asij.ac.jp and we can try to get this up.  I would love to have you and your students join me in this project.  Reaching out to others and seeing the answers they come up with will be a great inspiration to my students.  It will also help me by having another person take look at the project and see what kind of perspective they may have.

Dragon                       Microwave Oven                 Boom Box


One response to “Disguising a Ceramic Slab Box

  1. Awesome! You read my mind! This was the comment I left on your last post with the project idea! Can’t wait to see how this goes!

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