I was reading the article Remix Defined, thinking about its history, and trying to relate it to the visual arts.  When remixing started it was about taking pieces of music and putting it together to create something new.  It has evolved now to include images and video as well.  In the visual arts, the concept of collage is very similar as it takes different items or images and puts them together to create a new image.

Collage has a history that goes back to Ancient China.  In terms of Modern Art, the first artists to use collage in their work were Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque around 1910-1912.  It caused quite a stir back then and within a few years both artists left collage and did not return to it.  

Still Life with Chair Caning -1912 cc Jmussuto Flickr

Collage is a technique that has been used by most art teachers in this day and age.  It has now progressed into a unique art form on its own.  It is done by all ages of children and adults.  I have used it with every grade level that I have taught i my career.  It can be used to teach a variety of concepts and it makes for some very interesting art work.

Collage with found Objects – Third Grade

I believe my students could create digital image collages using KidPix or Photoshop Elements.  Digital collage or remixing is the natural next step to take.  However, as I think about how I could use remixing in my ES Art classes, I keep on thinking about are the kids I teach old enough to do a modified or proper digital remix using images, video and sound.  Unless to tools are very basic would I run into the problem of potentially handholding the students through the process and getting very similar remixes.  I wonder if only the most savvy of elementary kids could do it with basic instruction.  I guess then the question becomes is this very good teaching and learning?

Maybe it would be more appropriate if I were to use remixing as a presentation tool.  This past week, we had the opening for our first Faculty/Staff Art show.  As an art teacher I really believe that I have to practise what I preach.  The work that came out of the closet was incredible.  I got me thinking that a lot of talented people have worked at ASIJ over the years.  Also a lot of former students have gone onto have careers related to the Arts.  Here is a list of some of the people I found dong a quick search on Google: Ki Nimori, Paul Tange, Hikaru Utada, Ko Omazaki, Tai Dirkse, Greg Vikse.  They are teachers, former students and board members.  It might be a lot more fun to create a remix based on the music and images of people connected with ASIJ.  This could be a wonderful way of celebrating or promoting the fine arts with in our school or any other schools.


2 responses to “Remix

  1. Love the idea of remixing work that is connected with your school! This would provide so many linked opportunities too – to Skype with the artists, or perhaps even meet them in person, to visit the location of the creation of the art, or the inspiration for the art, and perhaps to use similar materials in their own work as well.

    As a concept, I think remixing will be tough for elementary students – I’ve been talking about it with my grade 6’s and although I think they generally understand the concept, I’m not sure they will have the depth of understanding required to really make something new. Having said that, I haven’t tried yet, so you never know!

  2. I love the idea of using technology to create digital collages. In my own experiences students love making colleges but the difficulty I find is getting the students to make collages that have meaning and symmetry. Do you have any ideas?

    I also love the idea of remixing work done by people related to your school. This is a fantastic way to build a sense of school pride and history in a very fun and creative way.

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