Privacy and What I Can Do About It.

I don’t like it when total strangers can find out almost anything that they want about me these days.  I find it very unsettling.  All they have to do is click on any search engine and depending upon their skills either find a little or a lot about me.  I don’t like it when big companies such as Facebook can put a tracking cookie on my computer and track every single web site I visit over a period of 90 days.  It makes me feel as if nothing I do anymore is private and that is a totally uncomfortable feeling.

I do however; realize that information about me has to exist for certain purposes such as a government census, credit history or medical history.  Other things like pictures of artwork I did years ago, who my friends are, or when I went through a tollbooth, I feel is nobodies business and should not be available to everybody.  That being said I am a realist and know that in the years to come more and more information about me is going to be readily available on the Internet whether I want it to be or not.  It is something I will not have much control over.  Or will I?

So with respect to that then I need to be a lot more proactive on the image I present about myself on the Internet.  Fighting to keep everything to myself will only be a will only work against me.  Trying to understand the new realities and work with it will only give me the benefits of 21st century technology and all its learning possibilities.

So in the last couple of weeks I have been trying to put myself out there, but in a way that I am much more comfortable with and that represents me.  It may seem silly, but I finally out my first photographs on Facebook, opened an account and posted photos on Flickr and have been working quite diligently with my teaching partner removing our class website and moving towards the Art room blog.

All of this has taken time and energy.  It has been a great learning experience as I have been doing things that I would not have done before.  Exploring all of these things makes me understand the possibilities of how I can present myself and how people will view me.  Even though I am still uneasy with how much people can fin out about me, I feel like I have regained some control again over people see.  However, it is very important to remember that my image is not something that I can work on for a couple of weeks.  It is something that constantly needs to be developed and taken care of and for that reason next week I need to explore Twitter!



One response to “Privacy and What I Can Do About It.

  1. Awesome! These are the first steps in building a positive digital footprint so that you are in control of what people learn about you! Well done!

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