I talked to my dad over the weekend.  I asked him what his apprenticeship as a carpenter had been like in Denmark.  He said it was 4 years long; entailed watching his master a lot and only being given new skills once he had become competent enough with the ones he had learned.  I asked if he received much feedback and his response was that most of the time if he did something correctly his master would just nod and walk away.  If he did something incorrectly he would hear about it.  Nobody else provided any other feedback or comments.  When asked where all the knowledge came from he said it was only his master and no one else.  His master was his sole source of information and his learning.

This past weekend I was at YIS for the EARCOS weekend workshop: The Networked Educator, we saw a video made by YIS former student Alex Lee.  Alex has obviously spent a ton of time crafting his video together.  Like the paper Living and Learning with New Media: Summary of Findings from the Digital Youth Project s states; Alex has been “Geeking Out”.  He has moved his video skills and learning to a much higher level.  He is probably learning from a variety of sources and taking that knowledge and learning to craft some pretty cool work.

While I thought the video was very good, I thought it was more interesting to see that by the time I saw it, it had already received almost a 100k hits.  Alex in a span of 15 hours had already had his work seen by countless people: he also had about a hundred comments from people giving feedback.  By Monday evening that number had risen to 150.  All that feedback in such a short time is amazing.

It was very interesting to read over the comments.  Most were just a couple words saying cool or great video.  Alex would respond with simple thank yous.  However, he would get very excited by posts from people he knew or knew of.

The Film Artist – Amazing work Alex! the look and style is unique, enticing and slow motion plain brilliant! Really well done!!!:) [TFA30] Your heart and soul has gone into this big time 🙂

Response – Wow thank you for adding me to your channel. Really appreciate it!

Doqtor – This is probably the best video I’ve ever seen on Vimeo. Great colors.

Response – wow, that means a lot.

Ground Up Films – Awesome vid!  What plugins were used on this?  Looks like quite a combo.

Response – thank you! many. For color correction i used various things, and just explored what looked the best. and twixtor was heavily used!

Marshall Birnbaum – this just blew my mind. SVA represent!

Response – HELL YEAH! thanks for watching!

These comments have provided Alex with immediate feedback about his work, made him connections, made him a teacher and built up his confidence.  All of this because of a summer? spent being creative, doing something he loves and having the confidence to put his work out there.  My father became a master wood worker over the course of his career.  He got lots of recognition for his work, but never to the extent that Alex did in the span of a couple of short days.  Amazing!


One response to “Feedback

  1. Love the analogy! So true, too. We have come to expect feedback from many different areas in life – from comments on our FB profile to comments here on your blog and replies on Twitter. Sharing, and responses to what we share is a validation of our learning. I do love the idea of a studio and apprenticeship, though. I’d like to hear more about your dad’s experiences (for my own personal curiosity).

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